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Team Parent Information

Welcome to our Team Parent Information page! We are looking forward to another great year at Rosemont Soccer and appreciate the vital role our team parents play in the success of our teams and club. Whether you are a veteran team parent or taking on this job for the first time (or maybe you're thinking about becoming one), it is our intent to keep you informed through this page, as well as other means of communication. This way you, in turn, can keep your team informed. Take a look around and check back often as we will continue to update the site with important dates and reminders, as well as to share tips to assist you in this role.
If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact Cyrene Farrell

Parent Q & A

What do I need to register my child?

*       You will need to upload a head shot photo of your child. This needs to be a full head shot from top of head to the shoulders. Please no hats or sunglasses.

*       If your child is a new player, a copy of the child’s birth certificate MUST be included. If a copy is not submitted, your child will not be able to play on a team.


What does my child need for practices/games?

*       Shin Guards And Soccer Cleats (Foot/Baseball cleats are not permitted), must be worn at all Games and Practices

*       Practices: Water, a light snack, and something to cool the player down, especially on hot days.

*       One ball and one practice shirt are supplied by Rosemont Soccer Club


*       Games:  Water! Always bring a lot of it. Players must wear their Rosemont Soccer approved uniform. This includes the jersey, shorts, and green socks. Shirt should be tucked in and socks go over the shin guards. When it is cold outside the player may wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants (black or white only) under their uniform.

*       Uniforms can be purchased at time of Registration or by contacting our Uniform Coordinator


I have not heard from my child’s Coach, why not?

*       It is not yet August the 1st

*       Rosters have not been given to the Coach yet.

*       Your child may be on a team that does not have a Coach. The player will not be contacted until we have a parent willing and able to coach.

*       The Coach is new and waiting for their fingerprints to be cleared before they can get their roster.


What happens if there is no Coach for my child’s team?

*       Rosemont Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer based program. We run solely on volunteers. Most of our Coaches have a family member on their team, if for some reason the player decides not to play anymore, then most likely we have lost a Coach, or we may have a new team, in either case a new Coach is needed. We make every effort to find a coach. Should we not get anyone, the next step would be to have a meeting with all the parents/guardians of that team.  If no one is willing or cannot Coach then we would have to close the team out and issue refunds to those players.


What if my child’s team moves up but he/she isn’t old enough?

*       If your child’s team will be moving up this season but your child is not old enough, you may request to have your child play-up. To do this, you must submit a play-up form with your application. The form can also be found on our website under the forms/links tab. If you do not submit this form, there is no guarantee that your child will be able to play on that team.

I have not received any information about dates for events. Where can I get information on dates and times for certain events?

*       Your Team Parent is your go-to person for information on all dates and activities. Please ask your Team Parent first. If they do not know, please have them contact the Team Parent Coordinator. Please have the Team Parent contact the Team Parent Coordinator with all your questions about events so that the coordinator is not flooded with emails. However, please contact the appropriate Board Member for which the questions relate to. Also, please LIKE our FACEBOOK page. It is kept up to date with all the current information for dates and times of events.

*       Our website also lists many of the important dates on it. 

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